1001 special ways to ride the motorbike of Hanoi people through the outlook of a foreign visitor

A foreign traveller illustrated 1001 special ways to ride the motorbike of Hanoi people by some very funny and nice pictures.

A foreign visitor who shared the popular ride style in Hanoi has received a lot of attention of the online community. This traveller has lived in Hanoi from 6 months and he found that motorbike and bicycle are two main ways to transfer in here. Everyday, he explores something extremely funny and see that each motorbike, each bicycle can carry “a big world” behind.

According to this guy, these pictures are considered as one thing to remind that: “If we know how to balance all these relationships in our life, we can enjoy confortably the different journeys.”

This guy has a flower forest behind his back

That guy not only carries a flower forest, but also pot flowers on his motorbike

Get out! Get out! Heroes are comingggg!

Do you want to buy the ornamental fishes?

The colorful ballons with all the shapes behind the bicycle 

I’m a superman with these water jugs

One motorbike carrying a big family in Hanoi is a very normal thing!

Quack quack quack

When the pet is sitting in the back of the motorbike and it looks like an emperor

Who wants to buy the feather duster now?

And who wants these jackfruits?

Be more slowly, I’m carrying a tree behind my back