Before taking a trip in Danang, you should know something below!!!

Da Nang is always an ideal place for this summer vacation! With all the experiences of travelling Danang in the article below, you don’t need to worry anymore, just take your backpack up and visit this beautiful city one time ìn your life.

  1. Time to visit Danang

Rainy season in Danang begins normally from the end of August to November. So the best time to take a trip in Danang is from February to August. The weather in this time is very beautiful with  a little of sunlight and rain. You can freely promenade around this amazing city and participate in many interesting activites.

  1. Vehicule to visit Danang
  • Flight:
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Danang: If you can “catch” Vietjet’s cheap tickets, the price for a round trip (included the taxes) is around 1.200.000 - 1.500.000 VNĐ. You book more early your ticket, the price is more cheaper.
  • Hanoi - Danang: If you take the flight from Hanoi to Danang, the fare is slightly higher, around 2.000.000 VNĐ for a round trip.
  • Train:
  • Ho Chi Minh City - Danang: This journey will take 24 hours and its fares cost around from 400.000 VNĐ to 1.200.000 VNĐ, depending on the type of seat you choose. One day, there has 2 trains that depart from Saigon Railway Station to Danang.
  • Hanoi - Danang: This trip will take 17 hours and its fares are similar to Ho Chi Minh - Danang’s journey. One day, there has 6 trains that depart from Hanoi Railway Station to Danang.

Moreover, you can choose the passenger car to Danang with the price of 320.000 VNĐ. But you must stay a long time in this car before you arrive at Danang.

  1. Attracted places must-to-see in Danang
  • 3D Art Museum - Art in Paradise Danang:

Located on Tran Nhan Tong Street of Son Tra Peninsula, 3d Art Museum - Art in Paradise is over 4000m2 and is the largest 3D museum in our country.

  • Cu Lao Cham:

With an amazing coral population with the smooth sand-bank and the beautiful beaches, I can make sure that Cu Lao Cham will be a fresh and romantic destination that you need to see. And of course, the sea food in here has a best flavor.

  • Ba Na Hills:

Going to Danang without visiting Ba Na Hills is surely a big mistake. You can take a cable car to reach the top of Ba Na Hills. From this place, you can contemplate all the beautiful scenery of Danang.

You should bring a warm sweater because on the top of Ba Na Hills, you can feel more colder. You can also bring a raincoast  to avoid permeating by the fog.

  • Hoi An Ancient Town:

Hoi An Ancient Town is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional trading port in Southeast Asia between the 16th and 17th centuries. It is also an outstanding material manifestation of the fusion of cultures over time, considered as a living museum of architecture and urban lifestyle.

  • Asia Park:

This is the largest entertainment area in Danang with more than 20 games including jolly type for the children and aventurous type for the adult.

  • Ngu Hanh Son:

This is a spiritual and famous destination. When you come here, you can admire the majestic mountains, the population of sacred pagoda Ngu Hanh Son and other mysterious caves.

  • My Khe Beach:

My Khe Beach is famous for its blue sky, smooth white sand, gentle slope, clear & warm water year round and beautiful areas surrounded by coconut trees. Everything around you is peaceful, natural, relaxing, that's why Forbes Magazine selected My Khe beach as “one of the most attractive beaches on the planet” title.