Some useful indications for the first flight

In order to avoid being in a bad situation, Triptoday will tell you some detailed instructions and useful experience for your first flight! Let’s discover it right now!

A. Before your trip

1. Prepare your luggage

There are 2 types of luggage on the plane: checked luggage and hand luggage. For each type of baggage, each airline will have these specific regulations about their size, weight and number of luggage that you are allowed to carry. So you should make sure that you read carefully the baggage’s regulations for your flight to avoid dropping something in the airport or paying more money for the excessive weight.

With these cheap airlines, you should buy your checked baggages when you book your ticket. It’ll will help you to save more money for your trip!

2. Check in online before your trip

Check in online within 24 hours before your trip will allow you to keep your seat and choose proactively where you want to sit at the airplane.

In addition, when you check in online at home, you can get on board fast (if you don’t have the checked baggage) or don’t lose much tim in the queue (if you have the checked baggage).

3. Prepare your personal documents

Before getting on the airplane, you will be required your identification by your ID card or your driver’s license (for the domestic flights) or your passport (for the international flights).

It’s best to put all your personal documents into the backpack to avoid forgetting it at home. If you unfortunately don’t bring these documents, you must come back home to get it. In an unattended case, you can miss your flight because you lose too much time to return home.

B. When you are at the airport

1. How many hours should you arrive at the airport before your trip?

For the domestic flights, you should arrive at the airport 1 hour before your trip.

For the international flights, you should come the airport from 2 to 3 hours before your trip.

The check-in desks at the airport will be normally closed 45 mins for the domestic flights and 60 mins for the international flights. (There has the time difference between the different airlines).

You can call directly to the airline or the office to know how many hours you should arrive at the airport before your trip.

NOTE: Don’t forget to check carefully all the information on your ticket!

2. Do the formalities at the airport

If you checked in online at your home and don’t have any checked luggage, you can go straight to the security area. The gateway to your airport has been printed on your ticket.

You don’t check in online or checked in online but you have the checked baggage, you have to find your airline that you chose to check in. You can also ask the employees at the airport to know how you could find your airline.

Don’t be afraid, you should ask all the things that you don’t know.

3. Through the security gate

In the security gate, you’ll have to take out your laptop and tablet in an individual tray, then push it all through an X-ray machine to make sure that: Do you bring the bomb or any thing that threaten the airplane and airport’s security.

4. Go to your plane

You can go to your plane by the pipe or a bus. This problem depends on your airline and your flight’s type.

5. On the plane

After sitting and stabilizing on the plane, you should wear the seat belt. This is the most important thing on the plane to guarantee your safety.

If it’s your first flight and you don’t know wear your seat belt, you should ask the air hostesses how to use it.

6. Eat on the plane

On the flights that are longer than 1h30, Vietnam Airlines will serve a light serving. For the long international flight to Europe or USA, you’ll eat twice/flight and be all  served noodles, snacks and drinks during your flight. These meals are included in your fare’s ticket.

However, some cheap airlines such as Vietjet, Jestar… will not serve like it. If you are hungry, you must buy it.

C. When your plane lands

1. Go down the airport

When the plane totally stops, you should open your seat belt and don’t get up quickly to take your luggage. Remember that you can wait to your turn and you shouldn’t elbow others out in the plane.

Don’t use your telephone, laptop or tablet in this moment to avoid affecting the communcation between the radio and the crew.

2. Get your checked luggage

When you go down the plane, you should pay attention to the notice-board or TV screen to find your flight’s number and where you can find your checked luggage.

If you unfortunately lose your luggage, you should go immediately to Lost & Found area to make the formalities to find it.

Triptoday hopes that our article will help you have some important secrets for your first flight! Have a nice trip!